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Тема: Best time to visit the Sahara

The preeminent period to holiday the Moroccan great Western Sahara is in October and April when daylight temperatures are manageable, however, in December and January, night-time temperatures can plunge below cold so you'll want to travel with appropriate clothing. To experience the otherworldly loveliness of the Sahara sand sandbanks without the troops, visit(Viriksonmroccoholidays.co.uk) during the lowest months of November, January, and February. Temperatures are predominantly fierce between June and August and consequently not perfect for the aging or the very young still. During the altitude of summer, Moroccans come to Erg Chebbi to be buried neck-deep in the hot sand for a few minutes at a time. It's presumed that the power of the sands is a cure for rheumatism in Cheap Holidays to Morocco